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Velten Doering aka Dirty Doering was born in Leipzig in 1978, but grew up in the\n Black Forest in southern Germany. He started DJing professionally at the age of 19,\n and soon followed his career to Berlin. He rose quickly as a part of the club and\n underground scene in Berlin,and soon the most influential locations such as “BAR25″,\n Katerholzig (resident),”Watergate”, “Tresor”, “Zur Wilden Renate”, “Club 103″, “Arena”, “HomeSweetHome”,”Bachstelzen”,”Rote Sonne”,”Maria” and “Weekend” became the places\n to frequently see Dirty Doering playing his sexy electronic dance sound.

Sometimes things unfold fast, very fast. Mere ten months ago Jacob Dilßner aka Wankelmut was a young 24-year old student and part-time dj, who had just relocated to his hometown Berlin to study philosophy and political science. Then one night he started messing around with one of his favourite songs in Ableton Live, cutting, filtering and adding a simple 4/4 groove until Asaf Avidan & The Mojos’ bitter-sweet folk song „One Day/Reckoning Song“ turned into what has now become one of house music’s biggest summer anthems of 2012.

BOSS AXIS stands for Techno! Melodic Techno! The so called “Ministers of Melodies” are responsible for numerous melodic techno tracks.Since 2008 the two boys from Thuringia/Germany are part of the Parquet-Family around Normen Flaskamp aka Solee.Their most success was the “Orlando” EP.They play a lot of gigs around Germany in Cities like Berlin, Stuttgart or Cologne. 2011 they had als an amazing outcome at their first gig in Amsterdam.If you hear their tracks you will get an enormous feeling of joy and happiness. Its made with love!

FAIT du PRINCE consists of Jan Beric and Julian Wright, two talented producers and DJs from Karlsruhe. The duo is collaborating with Brain.Theater since October 2012. FAIT du PRINCE’s sound is influenced by their experiences as jazz pianists and their mutual love for deep harmonic techno and house.

The next best thing to evolve from the storied techno bubble of Cologne, Atlantik have already caused quite a stir in the German club and festival circuit. Live on stage the CGN dope boys meld their own material of tasteful deep and minimal stylings into high octane sets, delighting ravers across Europe. Whether scoring stage-time at major festivals such as fusion, or holding it down in Berlin with their residency at club Sisyphos – Atlantik make sure to get the crowd all rowdy with bass heavy sets drawing from a variety of influences but never forget the demands of the 24 hour party people.